Future of Dapps in Games and Entertainment Industry

Blockchain technology has been making ground-breaking movements over the past few years and it has also been implemented in the games and entertainment industry. Application of blockchain technology in the development of games is mainly possible due to the presence of dApps or decentralized apps today.

The apps we use today are mostly centralized that means that all the information we receive come from one center, and the control of individual units are also executed from that center. Moreover, in the case of a centralized app, all the individuals are dependent solely on this one center. The decentralized model of apps severs this dependency of the consumers on the single center of control.

The dApps are autonomous and open-sourced that ensures that the changes can only be implemented fully after a consensus has been reached. This means that the system is not controlled by a single authority to execute any changes. Information is encrypted on the blockchain while the tokens are generated and used to reward the users.

Incorporating dApps in the Gaming Industry
The crypto games that have been developed as dApps are welcoming news in the entertainment industry. A number of games like the adorable CryptoKitties, 0xUniverse or the competitive Gods Unchained have received some acclaim worldwide. dApps were created with the objective of transforming smartphones into a light client node that will allow greater to the users to the Ethereum network. The users will simply be able to access the Ethereum network with the help of a messenger system.

The technology is constantly evolving and dApps continue to revolutionize the gaming industry. Presently, dApps and other components that constitute web 3.0 may seem a little complex to the non-developers. Also, it is now difficult to engage an individual in a particular game over a long time with changes in technology arriving every day. Individuals may also become bored after the game loses its glitter. People may be attracted by the glitter on its cover but, if it does not have substance then it would be difficult to engage them for a long time. The co-founder and CEO of Immersive Entertainment Inc., Ciaran Foley said, “One of crypto-gaming’s biggest challenges … [is] the same challenge it faces everywhere else: it must serve a real purpose and be thoughtful in its use and execution.”

The future will most probably see some significant improvements in the dApp design and once the speed of the blockchains they are based on increases, one can witness more traffic. The blockchain infrastructure allows for mainstream adoption in several sectors. In future, when Multi-Chain Applications or MApps will arrive, the dApps will find a new meaning. A Reddit post stated this and also continued to say that we will witness “Applications that can run on multiple blockchain platforms resulting in flexibility, redundancy and future proofing the application.” Blockchain interoperability when introduced will grab generous attentions all over the world. And, with improved dApp designs the crypto-games will become more interesting.